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Liverpool Day 2 - Visiting Chester

Updated: Apr 22

The City Walls in Chester, built by the Romans about 2000 years ago to protect the city, are still fairly unbelievably in a good condition! Because the walls are maintained by the Cheshire council, which costs lots of money, so that we are able to walk on it and enjoy the ancient walls.

In the photo right, it is hard to see but there is the river Dee. And over the river, that is Wales. You can see both the river and Wales with the naked-eye from the walls.

For the history and how it is maintained, you can learn it from this website.

The River Dee, you will come across on your wall walk.

The bridge that connects the other side of the river is the Old Dee Bridge, the oldest in the city, was originally built in the late 14th century by the Romans. And it was widened to provide a footpath on the bridge in 1826. Cars of course can cross the bridge. However, it is controlled by the traffic lights on both ends of the bridge as there is only a single lane, which causes heavy traffics in the morning and the evening.

For the information about the Old Dee Bridge, these websites will give you a detailed history of it.

Chester Roman Amphitheatre in the heart of the city.

It was built for entertainments and military training by the Romans in the late 1st century. I cannot imagine how old it is, to be honest but it is talking about the year 100. Yes! It is very very ancient! The Amphitheatre is currently still used for events as well.

For more description of how it was built, visit the page below.

Eastgate Clock, first built above the Eastgate of the City Walls in the 1st century. The clock was not added until 1899 to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.

It is a very decorative pretty clock that you cannot resist taking a photo!

Here are the resources for Eastgate Clock.

Black and white buildings are seen everywhere in the city, that represent Chester.

Why Chester has so many black-and-white architecture? Have a look at this website for the answer.

The cutting-edge trains specially made to commemorate Euro Vision Song Contest 2023 held in Liverpool. The city was the host on behalf of Ukraine. The trains connect Liverpool to Chester that first introduced before the song contest. However, they are not so often operating. I was lucky to get on one of these!

Liverpool, the host city of Euro Vision Contest 2023.

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