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Liverpool Day 3 (Part 2) - Bold Street and Around

Updated: Apr 22

My favourite café, Bold Street Coffee, is found towards the end of the street on the left if you come from Liverpool Central Station.

Opened in 2015. I was a regular. Because not only I used to work nearby but also, I liked the coffee, the music, and the owner, too. Oooh!

The atmosphere was always good. The coffee shop was the meeting place for artists and musicians. Well, it is still now.

I re-visited there first time in 2 years. Its owner changed again, so did the shop layout and the energy. It is attracting more customers and good vibes, which are lovely.

And this is the inside of the café. I love it! Tidy and organised. The wall photos are nice. As soon as you go in, you will feel a warm welcome.

I highly recommend you to go to Bold Street Coffee. Just to enjoy the coffee and the music.

I was surprised! In fact, Bold Street Coffee has opened 3 more shops! The other one is also in Liverpool and 2 in Manchester. The business has expanded. Next time I will try the other one in Liverpool.

As a fan of Liverpool and the manager, Klopp. His teeth are so white and shiny!

The graffiti is found on Jamaica Street in Baltic Triangle. A bit of walk from Liverpool One.

Baltic Triangle is still developing. The area is kind of hidden away, nice and quiet. There are lovely independent cafes and businesses. Many new apartments are being built at the moment. I wish I could live in one of those...

To find out what's on in Baltic Triangle, click the link below.

One of the quirky shops on Bold Street. The street has got quirkier than ever! Which is good.

Grin, is a vintage clothing shop. Cuddly toys are stuffed in the window, that made me grin literally!

Finally, Blue Coat, the art centre, is in the heart of the city. Free art exhibitions on the ground floor. Blue Coat café has been renovated, which is just behind the front door. The food was upgraded, too. It now accommodates more customers.

Click the arrow to the next photo. The back of the building, and the back garden is well-looked after. More signage for the visitors to see what kind of plants are there.

There is a quality handmade jewellery gift shop, and a violin workshop in the garden. It is worth a look. You will be amazed by the work from the shops.

This art centre has got everything. After looking around the exhibitions, you might want to sit down for a coffee or a cake at the café, looking the lovely garden through the windows. And you might want to go into the gift shop. There are so many inspirational pieces of jewellery, that you can't resist buying one or two! (I am a jewellery person. If you love jewellery, you know what I mean!)

Blue Coat gets you creative. Visit there.

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